Premature Marytrdom, Again

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LGF points me to another small 'oops' in Gaza:

A Palestinian teenager was killed in an explosion inside a Gaza City apartment Monday, witnesses and hospital officials said.

The blast in the 12-story building was apparently caused by either the premature detonation of a bomb or the accidental explosion of a cooking gas cylinder, residents and security officials said.
Vegas odds on 'cooking gas cylinder:' 1,000:1. Later reports, though, make it hard for me to decide whether whether to file this under 'Splodeydope Watch' or 'Dangerous Stupidity:'
A 17-year-old Palestinian was killed Monday evening at the Shata refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, apparently after handling a hand grenade or an explosive charge. The boy's mother and brother were injured in the blast.
The Palestinians, of course, are putting their money on the IDF:
GAZA (Reuters) - An Israeli aircraft has attacked a target in Gaza City, Palestinian witnesses say.

The identity of the target was not immediately known. The Israeli army, which has killed wanted militants in air strikes since the start of a Palestinian uprising more than three years ago, had no immediate comment.

Palestinian witnesses said an Israeli helicopter fired a missile in the attack on Monday.

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