The Netherlands Must Be A Wonderful Place To Live


I mean, the crime rate must be fantastically low if the police have time to arrest guys for whistling at women or refusing to carry a shopping basket.


It's not Holland but THE NETHERLANDS! And indeed The Dutch do behave far more criminel outside The Netherlands then At Home. Hoi.

Whoops! You are of course correct. I've fixed the title.

I really should know better - I grew up not far from Holland, Michigan, in a part of the state with a large population of Dutch-descended folks (indeed, the 'V' section of the local phone book was one of the largest). They were always sticklers for the proper names: "Holland is a town. The Netherlands is a country."

Wasn't there a Quayle-ism that talked about American relations with the "Nether Regions" and other European nations?

Thank you, Chris. I must still change it on my weblog Frotland. I gave notice of your article, so now you are worldfamous. Lol. Curious detail: many people who live in the county North- and South-Holland talk about Holland and do mean The Netherlands. Geographic arrogance, so to speak. Hoi.

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