Did He Even Realize He Fell Off?


I was on the stairclimber this morning about 6:25 when I saw Ozzy Osbourne doing the perp walk on CNN! I couldn't read the caption across the workout room, and the TV doesn't have any sound (because it disturbs the guys working in the lab on the other side of the wall). What's up with that?

Update: I guess I should always make sure I Google before I blog - turns out he was in an ATV accident, and the CNN footage showed him shuffling into the hospital. Accordingly, the title has been updated from My Guess Is He Was Arrested For Crimes Against Enunciation to Did He Even Realize He Fell Off?


All together now:
"Let's go out to the ball game...
Let's go out to the hmmmnhrrr...
Bit me hmnn hruugrr hnh wooaaaah hmnnglaaa..."

I want that CD!

I could have sworn that last line went

"Bit me hmnn hruugrr h_aannn_h wooaaaah hmnnglaaa..."

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