And They Need To Play The Game On A Field Covered In Mazola

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By now, you've probably heard about the "Lingerie Bowl," where two teams of scantily-clad women will play tackle football during halftime of the Super Bowl as a pay-per-view event. You may have heard by now that DaimlerChrysler has dropped its sponsorship of the game:

"A source close to Chrysler said conservative lobbying groups had flooded the company's e-mail system with complaints about the upcoming spectacle.

"You've got at some point just to decide 'OK, maybe we made a mistake, let's pull the plug,'" the source said."
Have no fear, since it looks like the game is still on:
"A spokeswoman for Horizon Productions Inc., the Lingerie Bowl's producer, said it was "disappointed" that Dodge had withdrawn its sponsorship, but that the game would go on."

That's good, but they still need a sponsor. So who do you get to sponsor an event that's under attack by conservative lobbying groups? Somebody who doesn't care about the criticism of conservative lobbying groups, that's who. The candidates are liberal groups, porn companies, and beer companies. Liberal groups are out - some crybabies are whining that the Lingerie Bowl is sexist (I can't for the life of me understand why). Porn companies? That's a possibility (in particular, I think it's something Larry Flynt would do). I think a better fit would be...

Beer Bowl 2004, sponsored by Coors and Miller (who already air commercials featuring 'The Twins' and hot chicks in wet T-shirts, respectively)! There's just one twist (hat tip to my friend Joe) that would make this absolutely riveting PPV: every time a team scores, the other team has to remove one item of clothing.

That I would pay cash money to see.

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