Selective Memory


Somebody at ESPN Classic has it in for Michigan. They're showing (almost) non-stop classic college football all weekend, and Michigan is in six of the games. But look at the list:

It's not the first time this has happened, either. Last November when Classic aired 'Classic Rivalries - Michigan/Ohio State,' Michigan lost three of the four games they showed (including the 1974 one--again).


Boy oh boy Michigan sucks balls. I can't believe ne body would like this football organization. It sucks.

Fuck you faggots at michigan. Penn State Rules. Eat shit Bitches

Penn. State. Rules?

You have GOT to be kidding me.

Let me refresh your memory (or, as seems more likely, point out how things were before your time):

1993: Michigan 21, State Pen 13
1994: State Pen 31, Michigan 24
1995: State Pen 27, Michigan 17
1996: State Pen 29, Michigan 17

So far, so good, right? Well, cherish those years, because it gets a lot rougher for you...

1997: (oh, what a glorious year!) Michigan 34, State Pen 8
1998: Michigan 27, State Pen 0 (somebody hung a bagel on JoePa? Say it isn't so!)
1999: Michigan 31, State Pen 27
2000: Michigan 33, State Pen 11
2001: Michigan 20, State Pen 0 (Geez! They did it again!)
2002: Michigan 27, State Pen 24

2003: State Pen decides six pimp-slappings in a row is too much; asks for two-year hiatus

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