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Just time for a couple of quick observations today.

First, the matricula counsular card, an identification card issued by Mexican consulates to Mexicans abroad (predominantly in the US), is gaining traction in the US as a means of establishing identity:

"But in recent months, Mr. Montes de Oca and other undocumented immigrants from Mexico have begun stepping out of the shadows. This summer, Indianapolis and seven other Midwestern cities started accepting an identity card issued by the Mexican government, offering Mexicans who are here illegally a startlingly new sense of legitimacy."
I don't know what 'undocumented immigrants' means. I think they misspelled 'illegal immigrants.'

I've written about this before, and I still think it's a bad idea. Any Mexican legally in the US should be able to get a US-based ID of some kind, and those illegally in the US don't deserve the same access to services. I'm not saying they shouldn't necessarily be in the US, just that we should either enforce the immigration laws we do have or change the laws. But to have police accept the card as ID:

"In Cincinnati, police officers accept the card from crime victims, witnesses and suspects."
and not immediately turn around and call La Migra just strikes me wrong.

Second, Haaretz reports that the US is analyzing the possibility of pumping Iraqi oil to Israel. That'll put the Islamikazes in full seething rant mode. I can hear them now: "Bush is stealing Iraq's oil to give to the Joooooooz!!"

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