August 04, 2006

And She's Probably On The Phone To Her Agent Demanding A Better Contract Next Time

Bob & Tom's Kristi Lee is 'on assignment,' as they say, so Laura Steele has been sitting in for her (forget that last link - go here instead). Although I doubt she will want to come back again, because in hour 2 of yesterday's show, the boys managed to get her to admit that she rarely wears underwear (leading to this [MP3] observation from Chick). From the 'EXTREMELY Unfortunate Context Convergence' department, the conversation soon turned to what kind of coffee each cast member drinks.

I think Laura meant to say that she just has a plain coffee, a very simple order. However, it came out like this [MP3].

And as long as I'm playing with Cool Edit Pro, here's a little snippet that you could probably make into a ringtone.


Posted by Chris at August 4, 2006 12:19 PM

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