August 09, 2005

Good Thing I Didn't Have This Problem During The Tour De France

I'm accustomed to seeing one episode of The Amazing Race, then spending the next week talking about it. Now that Game Show Network is rerunning all of them from the beginning, one leg per night, I'm approaching TAR overload, and I think it's beginning to frighten flower_goddess. See, since I Tivo it (Replay it, actually) and watch it as the last show I see before bed, it's usually still running through my head as I fall asleep.

And sometimes even after I fall asleep. Last night about one AM, this exchange occurred:

me (making pedaling motions with my legs, while lying in bed)
flower_goddess: What are you doing?
me: I think I'm going to finish this lap and call it.
flower_goddess: Call what?
me: Leg. I mean leg.
flower_goddess (who by now has realized I'm still asleep): Leg? What are you doing?
me: Finishing The Amazing Race, duh!
flower_goddess: You're quitting?
me: No! I'd never quit! I just got eliminated.

Posted by Chris at August 9, 2005 06:16 PM

Category: General Weirdness

I have somewhat of a history of profound utterances when asleep. Apparently I've told my wife, on separate occasions:
1) No, it's okay. I'm going to sleep at her sister's house.
2) It's the eighth dwarf.
3) The mixing bowl is still in the car. You should go get it.
4) I'm *tired*. [Lena starts laughing] Well, laugh it up, fuzzball. [Lena laughs harder, recognizing that as a star wars quote, and I wake up, annoyed.]

Posted by: chess h at August 9, 2005 10:54 PM