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Hello, Britain!

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I've been getting a (relatively) huge spike in hits to the Office Lexicon from searches for "office jargon." Can anybody explain this to me?

And as long as I'm talking about the Office Lexicon, I may as well add this entry I've recently heard:

Pull A Scotty - To tell your boss that a given (difficult) task will take X time, but you finish it in X/2 (or X/5, or even X/10) time. From Scotty on ST:tOS, who would tell Captain Kirk that (say) regonculating the warp core retroincavulators would take days, but would complete the task in hours because the survival of the ship depended on it. (Courtesy co-worker Tim O.)


New Office Lexicon Entry: 'Slacker Window'


Slacker Window - The gray area between screwing up an unpleasant assignment badly enough that you won't be given similar ones in the future and screwing it up badly enough that you get fired. A way to avoid Carter's Trap.

Oh, That's Where The Basket For That Hole Is!

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Just in time for the Three Rivers Open this weekend, I've finally put decent pictures on my Shoaff Park Disc Golf Course page.


New Office Lexicon Entries


Eighty-Eighty Split
When you're splitting your time 50-50 between two bosses, and each boss bases his 50% on the fact that there are approximately 160 hours in a week (q.v. Hundred-Hundred Split).
Your boss's boss.
A speakerphone with one or more remote microphones wired to it. Used in large conference rooms; beware the fauxne pas.

New Office Lexicon Entry: Hundred-Hundred Split

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Because I can't get enough abuse and keep volunteering for more, I am now experiencing the antonym of the Zero-Zero Split, the Hundred-Hundred Split:

When you split your time 50-50 between two bosses, and one of them thinks everything he wants you to do is more important than anything the other boss wants you to do, so he tasks you like you're working for him full time. Of course, the other boss thinks exactly the same way. Opposite of Zero-Zero Split.

Update: Upon further review, the above is pretty unfair to my day-to-day boss, who is a good guy and understands that I'm not really fully tasked in my regular job at the moment. However, my additional boss seems to think that 50% of my time is based on there being 168 hours in a week.

New Office Lexicon Entry: Shotgun Start

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Today's new term for the Office Lexicon is 'Shotgun start':

Starting requirements analysis, system design, software development, and testing of a project all at the same time. (from golf - an event that starts with participants starting on different holes at the same time, with the start signalled by an official firing a shotgun)

A real time-saver if you have a well-understood task; a recipe for disaster in most other circumstances.

New Office Lexicon Entry: Heisenbug


Today's new word for the Office Lexicon is heisenbug:

Heisenbug - a software bug you can't find using the debugger, because the debugger changes the timing of the program's execution enough to keep the bug from happening. (From the idea that the act of observing something changes it, which is part of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.)

Blogroll Update


Spotlight on the new entries on my blogroll:

And I still owe the other half of my Labor Day weekend story. And my other birthday party story. Sheesh.

Zero-Zero Split


New entry in the Office Lexicon:

Zero-Zero Split
When you're supposed to be splitting your time 50-50 between two groups or projects, and you tell each boss that your other tasking is taking all your time. An effective way to goof off, as long as your bosses don't compare notes.

A couple of new entries in the Office Lexicon tonight: clearboard and Sharpening The Saw.


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