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Reconstruction in progress

I'll be converting to Movable Type 4 in the next few days. Hopefully that'll be the impetus I need to blog more often.

Update 8 MAR 08: Since I haven't upgraded since I originally installed MT2.6(!) back in July of 2003(!!!), I have to upgrade to MT3.3 and thence to MT4.0. Things may go wonky, perhaps seriously so, over the next couple of days. Don't worry; I've backed up the entire site.

I enjoyed that two-week blog vacation so much that I'm going to take another one. Actually, since I've got a real vacation coming up (at the usual place), I think I'll make it a three-week blog vacation. See you in late June.

I took some time off the blog last weekend to wrap up a short story I've been trying to finish for literally the last four years, which, coincidentally, is about how long it took me to write my Iron Chef parody episode.

Now that I've got a first draft for this thing, I need to figure out what I'm going to do with it. It's kind of The Office meets 'Bastard Operator from Hell,' and part of the problem is that both Ricky Gervais and Simon Travaglia have set the bar pretty damn high (which really pisses me off because I started this story before The Office came out!).

I guess while I'm trying to figure out what to do with Episode 1, I can start on Episode 2, in which Kevin gets evicted from his cubicle and we find out why Kate's hands are always moving. Let's hope it doesn't take me four years to get this one done.

It. Is. Finished.


Five and a half years.

Eleven semesters.

$2000 of my own money (and about $6000 of my company's money).

Thousands of hours of homework.

All done.

Can I get a 'Hallelujah!' from the congregation?

Anybody Need A Free Pepsi Ringtone?


I've got about 20 more Pepsi Smash ringtones than I'll ever use, and it appears that I can cash them in for cell numbers other than just my own. So poke around there, find one you want, and let me know via email (parking underscore god ayat yahoo dawt com). First come first serve; offer ends August 20th.

About That Probability Thing...


Correction: in a prior post, I lamented about being 0-for-11 in the Pepsi ringtone thingy. Due to pilot error on my part (i.e., not knowing where on the website to check to see how may ringtones I'd won), I did not know that I had actually won 4 times, thus putting me squarely in the fat part of the 'one in three is a winner!' curve.

Since then, not only am I batting about .500 on ringtones, I got a FedEx letter a couple of weeks ago telling me I'd won one of the phones they give away every ten minutes!

Anybody need a brand-new unlocked Moto SLVR L7?

Speedo Guy

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So I was doing some spelunking through my server logs this morning. Turns out half of MySpace is hotlinking to a picture of Speedo Guy from this post last summer. As an aside, there are some really fugly pages where people (either the luser or somebody on their message board) are hotlinking to it or to my Project Beeramid pic. It's like every luser on MySpace said 'give me one of every webtoy you got,' without any consideration as to how it would look when it was done.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do about this yet. It's not like they're stealing a lot of my bandwidth - most of those MySpace pages hit me about once a day, if that - but still. I think for now I'll just update that picture with my URL, so they can know where it came from (and maybe swing by and increase my readership - yeah, I'm a whore that way).

If it keeps getting worse, I can always do something like this or this.

On vacation until June 25th. I might post in the meantime, but probably not. Comments and trackbacks are off, even though it looks like they're still on.

Feel free to follow along and rage at my good weather (or mock me if it's crappy):

Click for Oak Island, North Carolina Forecast

Headin' on down to the Legion post to get my Irish on. In the unlikely event I post again in the next 36 hours, it'll likely be unintelligible anyway.

(note to Chess - it's the Legion post across the street from Shoaff. Hell, you could probably walk there!)

Blogroll Off-Line For A Bit

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My Gold membership expired over the weekend, and I won't be renewing it for three reasons:

  • They upped the price from $10 to $20.
  • The Certificate Authority for their website's security certificate is themselves ( Firefox tells me that this could mean I'm not actually connected to them, but to somebody pretending to be them. That's probably not the case, but would it have killed them to spend $1000 for an SSL certificate signed by a trusted authority?
  • I emailed them asking about this - and whether they accepted PayPal - over a week before my membership expired. I still haven't heard back from them.

Fortunately, I captured all my blogroll info before they blocked my access to it, and I'll be maintaining my blogrolls manually via HTML (except for the one blogroll you're allowed under the free membership). This, however, will take me a bit of time to square away. So if you lost me as a link for, say, the purposes of the TTLB ecosystem, don't despair; you'll be re-blogrolled soon. For the moment, my temporary blogroll appears after the jump.



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