False Alarm; We Now Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Pie - Err... Chocolate Bar

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Update to yesterday's entry about what I thought was a giant Aha! given away during an Android Developers Backstage episode: if I'd actually *read* the article I linked instead of just linking it because of the headline, I would have seen that Google actively encouraged thinking that 4.4 would be Key Lime Pie:

This is why many of Android's employees and partners believed the next Android would be named after the generic key lime pie dessert, even though nothing was ever formally announced. According to Lagerling, it was all a part of Google's master plan. You see, if Google made a big deal about keeping the next Android version a secret, it would have only gotten more attention and eventually, someone would have leaked a KitKat wrapper or something along those lines. Instead, Google was open about using the Key Lime Pie nomenclature as a decoy where, even on the Android team, only a very small, tight-knit group of individuals were privy about plans to change gears and roll with KitKat.

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