A Candy Bar Is Fine, But I Had My Heart Set on Pie

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When Google announced that Android 4.4 would be known as KitKat, it seemed to catch the community by surprise.  It seemed that while it was still in development, all the Android pundits assumed it would be called Key Lime Pie (in keeping with the alphabetic dessert theme), but I had never seen anything official, quasi-official, or leaked to indicate that would be the case other than it being the most obvious dessert that began with 'K.'

But now it appears that Google was using that name internally; either that or one of the developers is the most subtle troll I've encountered in a while.  In Episode 2 of the Android Developers Backstage podcast, Chet Haase and Tor Norbye are joined by Jeff Sharkey, a development engineer on the Android Framework team, and this little exchange happened:

(either Chet or Tor) How about folders, like directories in which other documents are contained?  Like, you, an application may want you to specify the folder where they're going to store a series of data files?

Jeff: Right. So, in KLP we don't have the ability to repres- to, like, pick a folder, um,  it's something we might think about adding in the future. [emphasis added]

Neither of the other two made any attempt to correct him, and I'm guessing the reason for that is that they all were accustomed to calling it Key Lime Pie right up to the second that Google cut the deal with Nestle.

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