Was It An Evil Woman or Strange Magic? Heaven Only Knows

In a demise worthy of Monty Python, ELO founding member and former cellist Mike Edwards was killed when a giant hay bale rolled down a hill, jumped a hedge, and crushed his van (what is it with Brits and rolling things down hills, anyway?).  The Daily Mail has the story:
The victim was driving a white transit-type van towards Kinsgbridge when the bale of hay smashed into the front cab.

    The van swerved after it was hit and then collided with another smaller van coming the other way - but the second driver was unhurt.

    The accident caused long tailbacks and police diverted hundreds of vehicles through country lanes.

And apparently determining the next of kin is a nontrivial exercise:

    Police identified Mr Edwards with the use of photographs and YouTube footage and have appealed for help in contacting his family for formal identification.

    Sgt Steve Walker of Devon and Cornwall Police's traffic unit said: 'We don't believe he was ever married. We have identified an ex-girlfriend but she is currently abroad.

    'We think he may have a brother called David in the Yorkshire area and we obviously need to contact him.

    'Michael had no immediate family but we believe he taught cello in Devon and would ask his students to contact us if they know of any relatives.'

I can't bring myself to tag this 'Undignified Ways to Die,' because I'm fairly certain that Edwards was minding his own business when the cosmic dice threw snake-eyes.
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