So I'd Just Like To Say Thanks For Making My Workout Even More Dull Than Usual

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Normally, I really enjoy it when Bill Scheft comes on Bob & Tom. However, he was pretty focussed on talking about the writers' strike (he's the 'strike captain' among the Letterman show writers), which turned Tuesday's appearance into 24 minutes of laugh-free radio(*). If I wanted to watch Meet The Press, I'd roll out of the rack before one on Sundays. Of course, that would require me to radically change how I spend my Saturday nights, which ain't gonna happen.

By the way - American Gladiators (re)premiered earlier this week, and 12 million people watched. If I were in the writers' guild, this would scare the hell out of me.

(*) OK, I laughed twice. But that's still way below average.


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