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Mohammed's shopping/to-do list:

  • Petrol for the lawn mower
  • Propane for the grill
  • Nails to fix the roof
  • Replace piston rings so the Mercedes will stop burning oil
Apparently "detonator to trigger a bomb with which to kill the infidels, inshallah" was something he thought of on the spur of the moment.

This Would Make Scott Petersen A Trendsetter


I saw this caption on Fox News, about 7:15 AM Eastern Time:

20% Of Pregnant Women Are Murdered

At least that's how it read from across the workout room. So I got off the elliptical machine and walked over to the TV. The caption still read

20% Of Pregnant Women Are Murdered
so I guess they'll be a reduced need for OB-GYNs in the future.


Miss USA's pratfall was clearly faster than gravity. It must have been perpetrated by a controlled demolition, possibly by explosives in her shoes.

I blame George Bush.


I enjoyed that two-week blog vacation so much that I'm going to take another one. Actually, since I've got a real vacation coming up (at the usual place), I think I'll make it a three-week blog vacation. See you in late June.


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