I Understood The Last Sentence, And That Pretty Much Sums It Up


Can I get a translator for this clip from an interview with Ozzy Osbourne on Monday's show? I don't speak Burnout.



"uhwhawhawellidon'tknowmaniuhuhuhwuhwuhwthesometimesisabbbdhheoi duyg as u samn asb,bx uyg gd meatlover's man."

Ozzy ordering a pizza. I think I peed a little. Kevoian is often quicker than people realize.

Yeah, Bob's a genius - and I've noted that before ( http://www.dangerouslogic.com/archive/001360.html ). He waits patiently for the show to come to him (while Tom blathers on, and on, and ON), then POW! a Grade-A zinger.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that there were other examples of Ozspeak in that interview - that one was just the most egregious.

The sad part is, I listened intently, and after a couple seconds...I actualy WAS able to follow 90% of what he said.

Yeah,...I often worry about me too.

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