I'd Say "Nice Job, Kreskin," But Kreskin Didn't Take Credit For Jeane Dixon's Predictions

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A listener of Monday's Bob & Tom - who apparently pays even closer attention than I do - took the opportunity of the gang discussing Chick's 2005, um, rack-mounting, to point out that Tom predicted it almost a year in advance. The listener quoted the show date (August 24, 2004), and the gang replayed the relevant conversation from that day. Afterwards, they said this:

TOM GRISWOLD: ...according to this, on the 5th of July, 11 months after we had this discussion, the 5th of July, 2005, Chick in fact did fall through the ceiling from the attic into his wife's bathroom.

KRISTI LEE: Right. You guys were remodeling her bathroom, remember?

TOM: Not only, Kristi, did I luck into predicting it would happen,


CHICK MCGEE: You picked the right room

TOM: I picked the right room, AND the right injury, 'cause at the end there -


TOM: - I said "Chick's gonna fall and rack his 'nads" and you did just that. As you've said many times, your testicles broke your fall.

If you listen closely, you can hear Tom doing the 'I'm Right' dance in his head. Note that he takes credit for predicting everything involved, including that Chick would rack himself. Here's the original conversation from August 2004. Who really predicted that Chick would suffer what Heywood would call 'trauma to the groin?'


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