And A Whole Lot Of What?


Listen very carefully to this clip from hour 4 of Friday's show, right after Bob says "Y'know, there's gonna be some fightin'."

It's a bit of a train wreck, as the gang and guest Eric Shorts are all simultaneously trying to tell this old joke.

Let's just say that it sounds like Shorts skips ahead a bit.



They did that joke as a Tom Whiskey bit back in 1993. It is on their "Laugh In The Fast Lane" disc.

That one ended with the invitee asking "what should I wear to the party" and the invitor saying "Suit yourself -- it's just gonna be you and me."

Jim - is that the same disc where they do my favorite joke of all time, the one that ends "No, you are. I'm going to set the garage on fire?"

I suspect it was another Doc Whiskey bit, but I can't remember for sure.

Actually, that one is "Arnie's Revenge" by Arnie Whiskey, on "With a Little Help from Our Friends," from way back in 1989. This was when they used to do two albums a year, and the proceeds went to a local charity.

This is the earliest B&T that I have, and I have not transferred it from cassette to digital yet. I need to do so, because this has the earliest appearance of such classics as "Eighteen Wheels on a Big Rig" by Heywood Banks, "Blow Me a Kiss" by Deano & Jerry, "The Dog & Chick Polka," and "Hadji's Eight Days of Christmas."

Hmm, I may have to request "The Dog & Chick Polka," just to see if they will play it. Probably not. IIRC, it makes a couple of references to where they are actually located.

They might be able to route around that, depending on how essential the references are. I remember last summer hearing an old fake commercial for a fake TV show coming up on QTV, and they just edited out any reference to QTV.

If I ever get on the air live, I'll request something with Hadji or maybe 'I Can't Drive 465' and listen to them squirm.

Anyone have the Christmas song w/ Hadji. I lost my With a Little Help Of My Friends album. I'm glad I still have the Last Train to Whiskeyville Album. I love the Rydell Ryders with If Santa was a Hoosier. Just got hooked on Bob&Tom going on a year in 2 days. <3! Ebay is awesome for albums.

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