White Trash On Ice. Yes, It's A Double-Entendre.


White Trash Wednesday

Tonya Harding crosses paths with Johnny Law again:

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- Former Olympic skater Tonya Harding told sheriff's deputies she thought people were trying to break into her home and had followed her to a towing station, behavior that her agent attributed to an adverse reaction to allergy medication.

The incident, which did not generate an official police report, was outlined in a Clark County sheriff's dispatch log detailing two separate calls relating to Harding's erratic behavior early Sunday.

The log did not indicate that Harding was on any medication, Sgt. Tim Bieber said Thursday.

"I don't know from the call whether she was hallucinating," he said, noting that if that had been the case, deputies typically take people to the hospital involuntarily.

"There's no indication in the log that she was on any medication," he added.

Harding called authorities around 4:50 a.m. Sunday from Yacolt Towing to report that there were possibly four men and a woman trying to break into her residence northeast of Vancouver, Bieber said. She also said they were trying to stash weapons on her property.

. . .

Deputies arrived within a half hour, Bieber said, reading from dispatch notes that said the report appeared to be very implausible.

"It says she was agitated, glancing everywhere. She seemed frustrated that people can't see the people that she sees," Bieber said.

Harding was taken to the home of a friend, who within hours placed another call to deputies saying she was 'tweaking out, seeing things."

But why? Let's take a spin on the old Wheel-O-Alibis:

The former skater's problems arose after she "was prescribed medications which did not interact correctly," he longtime friend and agent, Linda Lewis, wrote in e-mails Wednesday to The Oregonian and to The Columbian in Vancouver.

"Tonya had changed her over-the-counter allergy medication," Lewis wrote. "She then went to the doctor with pneumonia symptoms. She was prescribed antibiotics and cough syrup and given a breathing treatment. She has been very ill, and her breathing capacity was very low."

I guess I'll have to add that to the White Trash Lexicon: 'allergy medication' = 'meth.'

OK, maybe not, but you could substitue 'meth' for 'allergy medication' above and get all the same behaviors.

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The allergies I have that I treat with OTC meds don't usually kick in until Spring has sprung.

You know, in a way Tanya was Brit before Brit. Poor selections in men, aberrent behavior, likes sex....

Yeah, her saying that she was 'tweaking out' is a dead giveaway for meth. Not that I'm an expert or anything.

And she kind of was the proto-Britney, just trashier and not as hot.

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