How The Hell Do You Expect Me To Keep My Eyes On The Ball?

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Late in hour 1 of Friday's Bob & Tom, the gang was discussing whether each of them could fit their fist in their mouth. The conversation descended quickly from there:

CHICK MCGEE: Can you put a cue ball in your mouth? You shoot pool without a stick with your mouth?

KRISTI LEE: No! God, no! What is wrong with you people?

CHICK: (makes spitting noise) Eight ball, corner pocket. All right, what about, uh, not using your mouth? Using something else?

TOM GRISWOLD: Let's move on now. Um, we were also, uh . . .

CHICK: That's one time Kristi and I bonded; we saw that same movie.

KRISTI: Oh, my God.

BOB KEVOIAN: I saw a movie with a woman, she was a pitching machine.

TOM: This all sounds very exciting.

CHICK: She could really bring the heat!

But they for some inexplicable reason stopped one step short of the gutter. I would have bet cash money that Bob was about to say

But she got thrown out of every game - she threw nothing but spitballs!


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