Time Of Death: 10:5 - Oh, Wait, He's A Democrat. We'll Let It Slide.


Joe Biden announced today that he was entering the 2008 Presidential race. Today, he also stepped on his dong with track spikes:

Mr. Biden is equally skeptical—albeit in a slightly more backhanded way—about Mr. Obama. “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” he said.
This SHOULD mark the shortest campaign for President by a major party candidate that I can remember, but since he's a Democrat, he'll probably get away with it.

Ironically, given his prior originality-impairment problem, he is attempting to attribute the remark to someone else: to his mother:

My mother has an expression: 'Clean as a whistle and sharp as a tack.'



For what it's worth, I'm pretty much a liberal, but I can't stand Biden. He's totally self-aggrandizing and contradicts himself again and again. He and Hillary can share the "I don't ever pay attention to anything that goes on in the world" vote. This comment should kill Biden's candidacy - it's not as bad as George Allen's "Macaca" which was a slur with no misinterpretation possible (despite his claims that he "made it up" - that didn't help him at all, he should have just come clean). There is a gray area here for Biden, but only for dummies. Even if he didn't mean anything racist by it (which is possible), he should know how to speak in public by now if he wants to be the president.

Still hoping for a strong candidate from either side who's not crooked and not a liar. Maybe Obama (only slightly crooked, possibly not a liar), but I feel like we won't know for certain unless he's been president for two years).

"Get away with"?? To paraphrase your own appropriated words-"Mr. Pot, Kettle on line one!" Is anyone else-including the Parking God Hisself- as (expletive deleted) tired of the party- to -party hoagie slapping. I'm certainly not niaeve (sp) enough to think that any politician has my best interests in mind, but isn't all the power struggle crap at the very root of why our beloved country is now a reality-show based parody of it's former self. BTW- in the "good old days" (see also pre Vietnam) of prosperity for all, Biden's comments would most likely have sounded like a line of dialogue from All In The Family-complete with an aside to HRC along the lines of "Stifle IT!!"

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