It's A Win-Win!

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I admit I originally wanted fND to win the Sugar Bowl, because it would A) make Michigan's mu#*af()4kin' BEATDOWN of them look a bit better in retrospect, and B) take a little more wind out of the sails of the OMG UR CONF SUX SEC TEH ROXOR!!!!11!!1!!eleven! kids. However, once USC's dismantling of Michigan occurred, neither of those really mattered to me, so I was back to the default condition of wanting fND to lose every game.

And LSU did not disappoint. Geaux Tigers!


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I waffled for just one moment before realizing that my dislike for Notre Dame is well above loathing, while my dislike for the SEC is at a level somewhere around mere scorn. I enjoyed the hell out of that game, seeing Quinn eat multiple turf dinners, watching him throw dying quails right into waiting LSU hands... mmm, happy place.

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