'White Trash Ma Of The Year,' Nominee #1

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White Trash Wednesday

I've heard "That dress is to die for" and "I'd kill to get that dress," but I have to admit "I'll put up my child as collateral on that dress" is new to me. Mother Charged With Trying To Sell Child Over Wedding Dress Debt:

Davenport, IA- A Davenport mother is accused of trying to sell her 4 year old son to pay back a $200 dollar debt owed on a wedding dress.

31 year old Marcy Gant is arrested and charged with one felony count of ''Sale of an Individual''. Davenport police today said Gant allegedly bought a wedding dress from a street vendor who had set up shop on Kimberly and Division. At an afternoon press conference Tuesday, Davenport Police Captain Dave Struckman said ''That on at least two occasions, during negotiations for the payment of the wedding dress, Ms. Gant offered her four year old son as collateral.''
Who buys a wedding dress from a street vendor? Anyway, it sounds like Marcy's a real winner in other areas of her life, too:
Angie Bruce works near Gant's apartment and says business owners are well aware of her. ''We've had to call police on her, we have restraining orders against her, she's stolen items off our property''.

. . .

Gant's two children are four and ten years old and are in the custody of DHS, based on a prior investigation into their mother.

And here I thought that using people as currency is something you only see in prison.

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