I Really Hope Dude Wasn't Trying To Recycle His Food Too

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White Trash Wednesday

I've heard of re-rolling roaches into new joints, but this is ridiculous - Vista man arrested in unusual meth case:

VISTA ---- Deputies seized jars containing urine that tested positive for methamphetamine Thursday outside a Vista house where a possible clandestine drug lab was reported, a sheriff's sergeant said.

. . .

Sometimes meth users save their urine to try to recover any drug left in the liquid so they can use it again, [Sgt. Mark] Varnau said. He said the jars tested positive for chemicals that might have been used for such a recovery attempt.
I suppose it's safer than trying to steal anhydrous ammonia from the farm co-op to cook up a new batch, but smoking your own piss? Man, that's desperate.

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