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White Trash Wednesday

Bonus White Trash Thursday! I should have known my relatively pious observance of White Trash Wednesday would eventually come back to haunt me, but I have to admit that I never considered that retaliation would be nuclear in nature.

Until today. Iowahawk reports that White Trash America has The Bomb:

In the back yard of scientific researchings behind the Great Storage Shed of the People, Iowahawk scientists successfully conducted above-ground nuclear missile test explosions under secure and many malt liquor conditions on early hours of October 10, 2006, at a stirring time when alarm clocks of the neighborhood have yet to clangle. To the impotent yappings of the neighboring gangster devils, Iowahawk responds: howl away, bourgeois traitors of Lakewood Mobile Home Court! Your pitious lamentations and cowardly 911-callings will never stop Iowahawk from the great leap forward into great and powerful prosperity, using his mighty quiver of nuclear-tipped cherry bombs and fully-fissionable bottle rockets for peaceful unity purposes!

I know what you're thinking - and I never considered Iowahawk a Caucasian-Refuse-American, either, but there you are. Here's a picture of his chief scientist, Chuck:


I was going to say 'I for one welcome our new White Trash overlords,' but an earlier trackback pretty much beat me to it. I hate it when that happens.


ha ha!
I love your PC terminology!

Is this a secret video from the rocket tests?

(I'm sure you commented on this when it first hit the 'net. I still laugh my ass off when I see it)

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