How Come They Never Pass Out *BEFORE* They Get Behind The Wheel?

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White Trash Wednesday

Woman Charged With Fourth DUI After Being Arrested With Kids in Car

Shannon Wilkinson, 38, was arrested Monday at a grocery store in Prairie Village, after police were called about an intoxicated woman with two small children.

. . .

Officers said they found Wilkinson passed out behind the wheel of her car, with the car engine running and the children, ages 1 and 4, in their car seats. Her blood alcohol was about three times Kansas' legal limit of .08 and it was her fourth DUI charge, authorities said.

Can somebody explain to me why she wasn't still in jail from her third DUI?

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1 Comment

Would you like to bet that she still won't go to jail?

We have plenty of laws on the books, how about a less interpretation and more upholding from the judges?

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