And Not Only Can He Encrypt A Message He Himself Cannot Decrypt, He Can Decrypt It Too!

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First it was Chuck Norris. Then Jack Bauer. Now we honor computer security/encryption/freedom defender Bruce Schneier, with Things You Might Not Know About Bruce Schneier. It's as geeky as you might expect, with entries like this:

If we built a Dyson sphere around Bruce Schneier and captured all of his energy for 2 months, without any loss, we could power an ideal computer running at 3.2 degrees K to count up to 2^256. This strongly implies that not only can Bruce Schneier brute-force attack 256-bit keys, but that he is built of something other than matter and occupies something other than space.
and this:
An autographed picture of Bruce Schneier is all you need to securely wipe any hard-drive.
and this:
On Bruce Schneier's birthday, a person standing at the very center of Stonehenge casts a shadow in the shape of Bruce Schneier's PGP public key fingerprint.
but I think this one is my favorite:
Bruce Schneier can log into any computer just by staring down the prompt.


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