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Bob & Tom have begun running a Keystone Light commercial featuring 'Unsmooth Moments' submitted by listeners. Naturally, I have many from which to choose, but I submitted this one:

I occasionally visited the local music store when I was in high school. On one trip there, I noticed the guitars hanging on the wall, which prompted me to ask the clerk a question that had been bothering me for a while: "I know that Fender makes the Stratocaster and Gibson makes the Les Paul, but who makes the Air Guitar?"

The clerk thought I was putting him on. "Are you serious?" he asked suspiciously.

"Yeah, " I replied, oblivious to the barely suppressed smirk that appeared on his face when he realized I really didn't know. "Who makes the Air Guitar?"

Then, speaking very slowly and using small words, he explained that an air guitar was 'when you pretend to play a guitar that doesn't actually exist.'

To make matters worse, I was in the music store with a friend, who proceeded to blow me crap about the incident for years afterwards.

--Chris in Fort Wayne, listening on 92.3 The Fort
(Friend of Hal from way back)


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