Reports Of Landis' Death Are Premature

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It would appear that the answer to the question "So, will you watch the Tour now that Armstrong's retired and most of the other expected contenders are DQ'ed under suspicion of doping?" is not only "Yes" but "Hell, Yes!"

I thought Floyd Landis was dead and buried after he bonked in the last 10km of Wednesday's stage, but his ride today will go down as one of the great comebacks in Tour history if he manages to win - which he may very well do, since he's only 18 seconds behind Sastre and 30 seconds behind Pereiro (neither of whom TT nearly as well as he does) and two minutes or more ahead of everybody else.

I watch the Tour on Outdoor Life Network, which has Bob "Tour DAY France" Roll as one of their commentators. I like his goofy schtick on TV, but, damn, who let him near a keyboard?

Floyd Landis barely clinging to life at the start of today’s stage, has dragged himself through determination, through will and through true grid, in fact contention, he can win the Tour de France.

. . .

He can see it now, he can taste it, he can feel it and that one time trial of 54 Kilometers awaits for Floyd Landis. He’s realm the course, he’s pulled himself to within a few seconds of the man that doesn't do time trials as well.


1 Comment

it's be cool. 7 yeras in a row for an american to dust the french.

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