Like Somebody Tied A Line Around His Waist And Yanked Him Backwards


Yeah, I watched some of the World Cup final (second half, overtime, shootout). Yeah, I have a couple of thoughts:

  • I knew the US was done for when the Czechs scored their first goal. They looked beaten after that one goal (I know that's often the case in soccer, but still), and the collective vibe I got from them was "Well, we didn't really belong here anyway" which is pretty lame considering FIFA had them ranked in the top ten before Cup play started. I know that has absolutely zilch to do with the final, but I just wanted to throw that in there. I predict that the U.S. will qualify for the '10 Cup but won't win a game in Group play.
  • I hate shootouts. My solution? Switch to single fifteen-minute overtime periods, non-sudden-death, one or two substitutions (non-cumulative, re-entry allowed) per period. Subtract one player from each side for each overtime after the first. Repeat as necessary.
  • I don't really like offsides. Maybe it's because I don't really understand the purpose. All I know is that it seemed like any time anybody broke behind the defense, all 11 defenders would stop and raise their hands, and offsides would be called.
  • I don't know what Marco Materazzi said to Zinedine Zidane, but he totally suckered him into that head butt. Materazzi went down like he'd just taken a .50 cal to the head.
  • And speaking of flopping, no way does a head butt to the sternum result in a double-de-cleating knockdown. Soccer players take more dives than Greg Louganis.



yeah, zidane got suckered into it. italy and argentina are KINGS of the dive.

i'm still glad france lost though.

notice their unifoms were the same color as their flag?


Regardless of what words were exchanged, or the 'dive' the Italian player may, or may not have taken it takes a special kinda stupid to pull a stunt like that.

This is the first 'sporting' event I've watched in at least a year, perhaps two. It's childish behaviour like this that makes me glad I don't waste my time watching any more of it.

The diving makes me nuts. Soccer players are pretty tough, yet if you happen to brush a jersey, an opponent flops on the ground like Sonny Corleone at the Causeway Tollbooth.

Actually, your .50 cal to the head comment was spot on.

Even Hockey players don't dive that much.

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