Life Imitates Iron Chef: Battle Long Pig

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My Iron Chef parody: here.

Yesterday in England: 'Cannibal' raider bites pieces from pensioner

A pensioner was brutally attacked in his home by a 'crazed cannibal' who ate his thumb and bit chunks from his face and body, it emerged last night.

Douglas Morgan, 75, is recovering in hospital with his wife Valerie at his bedside after the apparently random and vicious attack which left him unconscious and covered in blood.

The elderly couple were getting ready for bed when they heard a someone climbing through a window they had left open in the heat-wave. Mr Morgan went downstairs to investigate.

. . .

By the time the police arrived, Mr Morgan had lost consciousness from pain and shock. Officers had to pull the man away and use CS spray to subdue him.

The moral of the story: get central air conditioning. [H/T Drudge]

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