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White Trash Wednesday

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And speaking of tattoos (which I do frequently, f'rinstance, a couple of weeks ago), we have the logical extension of the 'let somebody tattoo an ad on you for money' - mymilliondollarbody.com:

Following the succes of the million dollar homepage, a Stockholm copycat is offering advertisers to have their logo tatoed onto his body.

The million dollar homepage sold pixels at a rate of $1 each. The 21-year-old Swede plans on charging $1000 per square centimeter with a minimum purchase of 4 sq.cm.
Awesome! Now Go1den Pa1ace has enough room to tattoo
go1denpa1ace.com is the greatest online casino over! Loosest virtual slots - 3-wheel, 5-wheel, progressive! $2 blackjack tables! Free Texas Hold-Em lessons and tournaments ($10,000 cash prize!)! High-stakes gambling, too! Log in and see the weeping Jesus rock, the Virgin Mary cheese toastie, and the haunted walking stick! All at go1denpa1ace.com, the bestest online casino ever!
all in one place.

Of course, they probably had enough room to do that here.

It's White Trash Wednesday! Take the whole tour:




Don't abuse your body and find better place to do online ad.

How about this thing?


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