Bob Zany Strikes Back

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Any regular Bob & Tom listener knows how badly the guys abuse Bob Zany on his Tuesdaily appearances on the show. It's all tongue-in-cheek, of course, because they constantly refer to his standup act as one of the best in comedy, but I always figured it wore on him and eventually he'd snap.

And it looks like he finally has, if only for a second. This comes at the 19:37 mark of hour 3 from last Wednesday's show (a day later than his normal Tuesdaily appearance because of the holiday), where they're discussing his 1984 standup album, Hi Home, I'm Honey:

BOB ZANY: And Hi Home, I'm Honey was basically my dyslexic father every time he'd come home from work.

BOB KEVOIAN: I'll be darned.

ZANY: "Hi home, I'm honey. What's dinner for? Not roast pot again!"

KEVOIAN: In '84, that was probably funny.

ZANY: Much like people say about you, Bob.

Audio here.


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