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Bob & Tom have been promoting their upcoming album, Donkey Show, with emphasis on the bonus third CD. This CD is an hour straight off a 2004 show featuring Survivor Rupert Boneham and comedian Drew Hastings taking listener calls. The gag here is that Rupert was fresh off winning the bonus million dollars in the audience vote after Survivor: Amateur HourAll-Stars, so naturally all the calls were for him. Hastings, hardly the most stable person on a good day, does not take this well, and eventually completely melts down.

In case you've been saving MP3s of the show, I can tell you with near-100% certainty that the show in question was Thursday, October 8 7, 2004 (hour 3 and parts of hours 2 and 4).

Update (July 17): On last Friday's show (July 14th), very early in hour 1, Tom claimed that the Rupert/Drew CD was from the show on July 14, 2004. Naturally, my show list archive only goes back to August of 2004 so I can't check for sure, but I think Tom misspoke when he said that and didn't realize he did - otherwise, I think, he would have observed that it was exactly two years ago that day. At any rate, the show listing for 10/ 8 7 /04 definitely has Rupert and Drew appearing together in hour 3.

Update (March 3, 2007): Sharp-eyed reader Alex checked the Wayback Machine and found the show listing for 7/14/04, which definitely features both Rupert and Drew. The October 7 (not 8) show I refer to above was probably just B&T replaying parts of the July appearance.

Update (March 4, 2007): It turns out that I actually have the shows archived back to May of 2004, so I listened to both shows. The 7/14/04 show is definitely the one that appears as the extra disc on Donkey Show; the October 7 show is a 'Best Of' introduced by Jimmy 'Maddog' Matis(a DJ at B&T's flagship station, Indianapolis' Q95), and just replays hour 3 from 7/14.


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