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Correction: in a prior post, I lamented about being 0-for-11 in the Pepsi ringtone thingy. Due to pilot error on my part (i.e., not knowing where on the website to check to see how may ringtones I'd won), I did not know that I had actually won 4 times, thus putting me squarely in the fat part of the 'one in three is a winner!' curve.

Since then, not only am I batting about .500 on ringtones, I got a FedEx letter a couple of weeks ago telling me I'd won one of the phones they give away every ten minutes!

Anybody need a brand-new unlocked Moto SLVR L7?


Two years ago I won a PS1 and a set of pretty sweet binoculars. Of course I had to consume my body weight in Mt. Dew every week for 6 weeks but we'll not delve into that right now.

The binoculars are in my desk at home; I use them regularlly to check the birds gorging themselves at my feeder.

The PS1 is sitting in my basement, unopenned. If anyone is interested in a classic, collectable, mint condition PS1, drop me a line. ;-)

BTW, that Moto Slvr is pretty sweet. If I didn't have my SMT5600 I'd be writting you a check.

I'm pretty happy with my LG F9100 as a work phone (with slide-out keyboard, great for IMing co-workers with questions/answers while I'm in meetings) and a plain-jane Sammie e105 as a weekend phone (easier to carry). Yes, I switch between cell phones like most guys switch between belts. Is that so wrong?

Anyway, my decision is whether to keep it or sell it and put the proceeds towards the "upgrade Chris' 1GHz Athlon / 768MB SDRAM rig" fund.

Oh, yeah, I'm a sucker for the 'enter a code and see what you've won' contests. MD seems to have one every summer.

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