And Now We Enter The Sports Wasteland


With the elimination of the Pistons last night, and the Freedom's season dead and buried (now 3-7 after a 52-23 pimp-slapping from Ohio Valley), I now have precisely squat to watch sportswise until NFL camps open. Not that flower_goddess is too torn up about that - she wasn't terribly pleased last year or the year before when I was watching the Pistons in the NBA Finals during our vacation.

A couple of asides:

  • The city that, six weeks ago, had a very strong shot at two pro titles in the same year has come up empty.
  • In my limited NBA-watching opinion, Dwyane Wade is the best player in the league. I'd actually respect him if he didn't whine like a two-year-old every time somebody almost touched him. He must figure he's earned access to the Superstar Rulebook...
  • ...which is one of the reasons I don't watch much NBA. When Shaq can bulldoze guys out of the low post with his ginormous ass, then drop the ball in while his defender is trying to get back onto the court from his second-row seat, and no foul is called, it's clear that Shaq is covered by a different set of rules than Regular Players are.

It appears that my viewing choices are baseball (yawn), the WNBA (double yawn for all that below-the-rim action), the Tour de France (triple yawn without Lance), NASCAR (yawn once per left turn), or the World Cup (non-stop yawning until someone scores).

I guess I'll be able to catch up on my 30-episode backlog of Good Eats.


world cup? i don't care much for soccer either, but it is the once every four years worls championship.

give a watch. it's better than oprah.

I s'pose. I did see a clip of a Rohinaldo (?) goal that looked pretty damn impressive. If only something like that would happen every fifteen minutes or so...

Anyway, I guess I can bandwagon on the US team if they go far.

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