'Twice As Many Wheels As Evel Knievel' = 'Twice As Far,' Right?

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White Trash Wednesday

Quad Bike - check.

Alcohol - check.

Stupid stunt to impress friends - check...

It's the prototypical White Trash Wednesday story:

A 25-year-old Rex man, who police believe had been drinking, died early Wednesday morning after trying to jump a 46-foot-wide ravine on a four-wheeler, Clayton County police said.

The mix of alcohol, impaired judgment and darkness probably cost Charles Edward Parker II his life, Assistant Clayton County Police Chief Jeff Turner said.

. . .

Knowing the construction site on Bell Road where the vehicle had been used in the past, Turner said Parker’s roommate discovered the body next to the 15- to 20-foot deep ravine at about 7 a.m. Police said the four-wheeler had rolled back into it.
[H/T Atticus via email]

It's White Trash Wednesday! Take the whole tour:


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