Don't Mess With My Favorite Island

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White Trash Wednesday

This is more like a regular WTW story - dumb guys doing dumb things with stolen property:

Five men were arrested just hours after they broke into ten homes and 20 vehicles on Oak Island and sent a stolen car into the ocean.

The men, all from out of town, reportedly confessed when confronted by police Tuesday morning. And the town’s former police chief, Speedy Ingram [! - ed], led police to the suspects.

Ingram detained two teenagers for vandalism at Oak Island Golf and Country Club. The two reportedly tore out signs and threw them in trees and damaged putting greens, Sgt. Loren Lewis with the Oak Island Police Department said. Ingram, who now works at the golf course, also told police there had been other vandalism incidents.

. . .

The men also reportedly stole a car from a home on Augusta Drive and took it joyriding around town before they drove it into the ocean at Caswell Beach. They took a chair from the back of the car and used it to brace the gas pedal down, put the car in drive and let it go, Lewis said. The five apparently weren’t sure of the exact location of this incident, only that it was somewhere between a pier and the lighthouse.

Lewis said an airplane had searched for the car, but had thus far only seen an oil slick and not the vehicle itself.

They didn't even have the common decency to steal a car from another tourist (probably) - most of the rental houses are along the streets that run along the beach strand, and Augusta isn't one of them.

But what I want to know is how they got the car to the edge of the water - I don't think there's anywhere on the island (and there are fifty-some street-end beach accesses on Oak Island) where there's less than fifty yards of sand between the end of the road and the water. Sure, I grew up near Lake Michigan and I used to go there all the time, but it never occurred to me to do anything else but park somewhere solid and walk the rest of the way to the water.

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