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Eighty-Eighty Split
When you're splitting your time 50-50 between two bosses, and each boss bases his 50% on the fact that there are approximately 160 hours in a week (q.v. Hundred-Hundred Split).
Your boss's boss.
A speakerphone with one or more remote microphones wired to it. Used in large conference rooms; beware the fauxne pas.


Semi-related side note:

In the Lexicon, should the entry for "Kung Fu" be spelled "Kung Foo"? The "Foo" coming, of course, from the CS/engineering/hackerish "foo," i.e. a generic placeholder/parameter used in documentation.


Ask the other Chris Carter; I got it from the flashback episode of X-Files where the Lone Gunmen first met, and Byers and Langly are arguing over whose kung-fu is better.

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