The Bride Wore Kevlar


White Trash Wednesday

Teenage bride + pissed off dad + threats of firearms violence = White Trash Wedding!

the happy couple

ARMED police surrounded a wedding after the bride’s father allegedly threatened to SHOOT his daughter and BLOW-UP the groom.

Cops with guns hid in bushes and behind gravestones during the service at Moordown St John’s Church in Bournemouth, Dorset.

There was also an alleged threat to blow up the bridal car, so it had a five-car armed police escort to the reception.
Dad: "Ah don' know nuthin 'bout no threats:"
But Andrea’s father Antonio Martino, 42, said yesterday: “I have got no idea when these allegations about the wedding were meant to have been made but I didn’t make any threats like that.

“People are just making it up.”
. . .
Zimbabwe-born Brian, 20, and Andrea, 17, from Bournemouth, met just months ago in a launderette and wed after a whirlwind romance.
[H/T Bob Reno's excellent Wedding Heckler]

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I understand why the father wants to shoot the bride, as she has "done blown up" already.

What's the over/under on this union?

If she's like that at 17, imagine her after she squirts a couple of young'uns out.

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