Life Imitates Futurama


That's Head In A Jar(tm) brand, patent pending. Accept no substitutes.


Can you claim an episode of MST3K as prior art?

Dunno. One of the tabs on that page shows that he originally filed in 1987; when did MST3K start?

It's probably moot anyway. The 'INPADOC legal status' tab shows that his application expired in 1995 'due to failure to pay maintenance fee'.

According to the FAQ at Satellite News (

Q: What is its broadcast history?
A: It first aired as a local program on KTMA-TV in the Twin Cities (Minneapols-St. Paul, Minnesota) area from November, 1988 to May, 1989. ...

But of course, the movie that they showed (The Brain that Wouldn't Die) is much older than that (1962 according to IMDB).

Aha! Now we know why he didn't pay his maintenance fee!

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