I Am ABOUTTHISCLOSE To Filing This Under 'White Trash Wednesdays'


The first birth of 2006 here in the Fort occurred at 12:12 on New Year's Day, as Tana Deter and Ron Timmons welcomed son Canon Lynch Timmons to the world.

I did not misspell his first name.

And yes, they named him after the camera company:

. . .the couple tried to pick a name to fit their new son’s moment in the spotlight. They named him Canon after the camera company of the same name. Their son’s middle name come from guitarist George Lynch, Timmons said.



I think it's a cover. He's really named for Pachelbel's Canon in D and Stephen Lynch.

White trash, indeed. Parents with class would have named the kid Minolta. Minolta Van-Halen Timmons...

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