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Of course, every college football fan knows by now that Iowa got jobbed by the Conference-USA officials in the Outback Bowl just as bad as Michigan did in the Alamo Bowl - by C-USA's own admission. Maybe some good can come from this, though:

Controversial officiating in the Outback and Alamo bowls, as well complaints from angry Iowans, has prompted the NCAA to agree to discuss how game officials are selected and evaluated.

. . .

Dennis Poppe, managing director for NCAA football, said he personally received "a couple hundred" e-mails in the 24 hours after Iowa fell to Florida.

Poppe said the topic of officiating crew selection and evaluation will be part of spring meetings.

"It will be on the agenda," he said.

I didn't see the game, so I missed analyst Chris Spielman (full disclosure - Spielman's a former Big Ten player), um, discussing the officiating. Some highlights:

With about 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter, Florida’s center is called for holding.

(Watches replay)

Spielman: “See, that’s a bad call. That’s a horrible call.”

Jones: “Is that just technique?”

Spielman: “Yeah, that’s the technique that’s taught. I’ve never heard of that one, either.”
Spielman: “The game’s too fast for them (the Conference USA crew working the Outback Bowl).”

With 1:42 left and Iowa in a hurry-up offense, the Gators get caught with too many men on the field — and Spielman interrupts Jones’ play call to shout it out, even while Tate is dropping back to pass.

Spielman: “Florida had 12 men on the field — and the officials missed it.”

“… Again, another missed call by the officials. … The player did not get off the field. There were 12 men on the field. Unbelievable.”



I notice that it took "complaints from angry Iowans" to get the issue on the agenda. Perhaps they are used to hearing complaints from Michiganers?

(full disclosure: I live in Iowa, but I did not watch the game or complain to the NCAA. I am a Purdue alum/fan -- yes, I know. Thank you for the sympathy.)

The Alamo Bowl was done by refs from the Sun Belt Conference, not C-USA.

That is true but not terribly relevant to this post. Now for ten additional points and control of the board, what conference provided the officials for the game that was the subject of *this* post?

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