The Alamo Bowl. Whoopdee-Shit.

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mgoblog tipped me off to this article quoting Big T1e1n commissioner Jim Delany as saying he thought OSU would get a BCS at-large, Wisconsin and Iowa would get the "New Year's Day" Florida games, and Michigan the Alamo Bowl, when pretty much everybody else thought Michigan would get the Outback nod over Iowa (ESPN was predicting this as late as this morning, but the link's gone from the front page now and I forgot to grab it first).

Delany turns out to have been right on all counts, which means Michigan is playing in San Antonio against... Nebraska. What a great matchup.

For 1997.

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and i was hoping oklahoma would come here, but noooooo. they are going to san diego instead.

if it ain't the championship, it's just window dressing.

so i get to watch the sooners play oregon on tv. and i'll go to the michigan nebraska game.....

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