I Wish I'd Thought Of This


Mobile Strip Club For Tailgaters Found Outside Tampa Football Stadium:

Officers found a 40-foot-long mobile home filled with strippers, bouncers and tailgaters outside Raymond James Stadium before Tampa's game with the Chicago Bears on Sunday.

The mobile strip club featured a stripper pole and a disco ball, Local 6 News reported.

For $20, men were allowed to enter the mobile home, according to the report.

Undercover police said the men were given alcohol and then offered nude lap dances for money.

"Bringing it to a family environment such as a Bucs game totally surprises me," Tampa police Officer Bill Todd said.


classic. i wish i had thought of it to. just think, haul your a$$ to where the customers are. and i meant the double entendre.

I'm not surprised to find out that Deja Vu was responsible - their speciality, nationwide, is working the knife-edge of the law wherever they are.

The one in Fort Wayne got shut down permanently about fifteen years ago for being a blatant front for prostitution.

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