Recommendations Wanted: Cheap Flash-Based MP3 Player

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My current El Muy Cheapo MP3 player has this annoying habit of resetting to the beginning of the current track whenever it shuts off. Although I can fast-forward back to the same point when I power up again (assuming I know approximately where that is), this is a real pain in the ass when I'm listening to the Bob and Tom podcast since each one comes as four forty-minute tracks.

My MP3 player also has the infuriating habit of switching off spontaneously about half the time I un-pause it, about a third of the time I switch from/to the headphones to/from the car adapter, and about once an hour for no reason at all.

Now I know I shouldn't expect a lot from a $15 player, especially one with 128MB that has a screen display and can double as a USB drive, but I'm about ready to chuck it all the way across the workout room the next time it pukes on me. So I'm open to recommendations for a replacement.

  • Flash-based, 256MB or better.
  • Under $50.
  • Has some kind of screen display.
  • Can fast-forward and rewind within tracks.
  • Starts at the same point within a track after powering down and restarting (and preferably even after switching batteries).
  • Tolerant of damp environments - I'll be using it during my workouts, and that's a damp environment if ever there was one.

Somebody, please, hook me up.

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not sure about the pricing/capacity scheme here, but I've been more than happy with my muvo:

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