He's Probably Worth More Than A TD By Himself, But Still...

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For the third time this week, I surfed past a Michigan-Michigan State game on ESPNC where Michigan lost - this time, I was literally just in time to see Eddie Brown tackle* Desmond Howard on what would have been the game-winning two-point conversion in the 1990 game (* The UMGoBlue.COM page says Brown 'cheated,' which he didn't; you always always always interfere with a receiver who's just pylonized you to prevent giving up the game-winner. Best case - it's a no-call; worst case, they get another shot at it. UMGoBlue properly uses the term to describe the 2001 game).

My prediction for today's Michigan-Michigan State game: 38-31 State if Mike Hart is healthy; 38-24 if he isn't. Subtract 10 points from MSU's score for each quarter or significant fraction that Drew Stanton is hurt, because frankly that's the only way I see Michigan winning this game.

Well, there's always the 'sniper in the press box' defense, but that's frowned upon at the college level.

Update: Usually I hate being wrong. Not today!

Update To The Update: And I'd better fucking well see this game as ESPNC's Instant Classic this week.

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