And New Orleans Is Known For Its Mountains And Arid Climate


I won't have a detailed entry on last night's Amazing Race ep because I was installing the trim on my front door and had my back to the TV most of the time, but I can sum it up like this: Lamest. Episode. Ever.

Yes, that's how much worse this season is: before, I would always record it on my PC and put it on a CD so I could take it to work and look at scenes again to answer questions that would come up when my coworkers and I were discussing it. Not to mention that I'd take detailed notes and write something like, well, most anything in this category. Now, I kind of half-listen to it while doing something else. I had some hopes after last week's ep that the show was improving, but having "go to this particular BP station" as a task was pretty much the final straw.

Oh, yeah, one other thing - Widow Weaver, Lake Pontchartrain is not a Great Lake. In fact it's less than 1/10th the size of the smallest Great Lake (Ontario).

You'd think an elementary school teacher would know that.


and yet, one of the families missed that specific bp station.

high note. previews of next week showed bungee jumping! oh please oh please oh PLEASE!

make momma paolo bungee jump!

one of the boys was putting it on, so the chances are pretty low.

Maybe it's a Detour and EVERYBODY has to do either that or something more distasteful.

We can only hope...

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