Unfortunately, Cletus Is Still In The Gene Pool


I gotta figure this truck was stolen, because I can't see any self-respecting Caucasian-Refuse-American doing this with his own truck...

(Not sure why the embedded video isn't working. Try the external link below)

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It's White Trash Wednesday! Take the whole tour:


Visting you on White Trash Wednesdays feels like home....

I thought it was bad enough when he just had the door open and was standing up steering with one hand, but this guy was hardcore white trash...

"And the nominees for the 2005 Darwin Award are..."

Yeah, I was hoping, but it looks like he survived (at first glimpse it looks like the truck landed on him - we should be so lucky).

just got a hit from this page, and I went through the code for the movie, and it might help if you didn't capitalize the words "OBJECT" and "EMBED" in there.

I don't know how the code works, but it's that simple thing that might be the problem.

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