So How Do You Say 'Catch-22' In Malay, Anyway?


Dymphna of Gates of Vienna (a most excellently-named blog) scores Remark of the Day in this post about a Malaysian woman being denied in her attempt to change her name to reflect her renunciation of Islam. Here's the setup:

The court based its decision on the fact that Ms. Joy’s renunciation of Islam for Christianity had no bearing on the matter of identity. Furthermore, according to the same justices, she had no permission from the Shari’a court to make such a decision about who she is. This particular part of their fine print is most pointedly a farce, considering that any appeal to a Shari'a court to remove herself from the rolls of Islam is sufficient cause to have her killed as an apostate.
And here's the punch line:
These folks were dreamed up by Kafka and bequeathed to us when he died.


No UM-UW post mortem?

At the moment, I'm looking for a new planet to move to. Here's why:

Me, just before kickoff: "If we can keep Calhoun from running wild, we'll be fine, because there's no way on God's green Earth that John Stocco can beat us."

So I figure I need to find a planet where John Stocco _didn't_ beat us.

Wait, does that mean these folks were dreamed up as cockroaches? Or are we quoting a different Kafka story?

Damn, I am always so confused.

_In The Penal Colony_, _The Trial_, take your pick.

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